What is self-direction of OPWDD services in NYS?

Self-Direction is the opportunity to have partial or complete management and/or budget authority of your OPWDD funded supports. As a Start-Up Broker I provide a consulting service (paid by the state of NY) to help you develop a proposal based on your assessments of need, and your interests and preferences, then present that to OPWDD for funding.

We'll engage in a person-centered planning process and identify a circle of support for you (related and unrelated, paid and unpaid people who care about you and have insight about your support needs, safeguards, and things you want to do in life). With your Circle and your MSC, I'll help you or your family to develop that proposal, find staff, and get them on payroll with the Fiscal Agency who will pay approved payroll and expenses.

It's not simple (hence my role as consultant) and it does require a fair amount of work from you or your family and circle. And it doesn't free you entirely from following regulations. But self-direction offers you an alternative to traditional agency services with greater control and complete focus on you instead of a larger organization providing a service to you.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

NYS OPWDD Transformation Agreement and Self-Direction

Announced in April, the Transformation Agreement that OPWDD reached with the federal Center for Medicaid Services requires it to make and meet some ambitious goals concerning self-direction:
• Provide education to at least 1,500 beneficiaries (with designated representatives as needed) per quarter beginning on April 1, 2013
• Increase # of individuals self directing by 1,245 by March 31, 2014
Presentation slides on the whole package can be seen at:  http://www.opwdd.ny.gov/node/3881 (best seen with IE or Safari).

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